About Sander Venema

Sander Venema is an experienced webdeveloper and programmer, who is concerned about the fast developing surveillance states which undermine our civil liberties and human rights.

I have a strong interest in open-source, privacy-related topics, data retention, cryptography, and privacy protection. I’ve followed the developments on the subjects of surveillance, SIGINT and intelligence in general for several years now, and I’ve started this blog to better inform the public about (among other things) the various ways in which surveillance Big Brother states and various companies clamp down on hard-fought civil liberties and human rights and some of the things you can do to protect yourself.

I also offer training sessions and workshops to teach people at your company about implementing measures to better protect yourselves against corporate espionage, surveillance, information theft etc. tailored to the needs of your organization. I give information security and cryptography workshops and talks to various groups, including investigative journalists, who need strong source protection techniques to keep their sources safe from potential harm. Several of the conferences where I’ve given these workshop are the Logan Symposium (in London, 2014 and Berlin, 2016) and the DIG Awards (Documentari, Inchieste, Giornalismi) in Riccione, Italy, 2016.

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